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Text of a talk given by Charles Sherrington at the Royal Society: ‘Further Note on the Sensory Nerves of Muscles’. Highlights that he has been unable to find Kuhne/Sherrington’s ‘muscle-spindles’ (presumed to be important in the sensory capacities of muscles) in the eye, despite ‘the great delicacy of their control and coordination, and… the well-known richness of their innervation’

‘direct examination proved that the region of the distribution of motor end-plates in these muscles is almost confined to the middle portion of the fleshy mass of muscle. Further investigation of the course and destination of the nerve-fibres at the tendon end of the muscle revealed them (both in cat and monkey) undergoing terminal subdivision, and in numerous instances passing beyond into the bundles of the tendon itself…   It also appears from the above that the absence of the distinct Kuhne-Ruffini “spindles” from a muscle does not exclude the possession by it of sensorial end-organs, and of afferent nerve-fibres.’