Part of Body: brain stem, medulla, pons, fourth ventricle, cerebellar hemisphere
Orientation of Section: sagittal
Number of Sections: 1

Sagittal section through the brain stem and adjacent structures a little to one side of the medial part. Below are seen the pons (P) and the medulla, and dorsal to them the fourth ventricle (IV). Part of the cerebellar hemisphere is also shown, with the superior cerebellar peduncle (S.C.P) extending forwards from it into the mid-brain. Below the inferior corpus quadrigeminum (IC), the peduncle decussates, but its further course to the red nucleus (R) and thalamus of the opposite side cannot be followed in this section. Notice the cerebral peduncle (CP) extending down into the pons. Between it and the red nucleus is a zone of grey matter, the substantia nigra. In the thalamus are to be seen the anterior nucleus (A), ventral nucleus (V), lateral nucleus (L) and pulvinar (P). Notice also in the section the corpus callosum (CC), the body of the fornix (F), the anterior commissure (AC), the optic nerve (ON) and the superior corpus quadrigeminum (SC).


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