Part of Body: spinal cord
Orientation of Section: transverse
Number of Sections: 1
Pathology: meningo-myelitis

Section from the spinal cord from a case of meningo-myelitis. There has evidently been a spinal transection in the upper lumbar region of the cord, perhaps due to a local syphilitic lesion. The top section is taken through the lower lumbar region (i.e. below the lesion) and shows degeneration of the descending tract. The lower section is from the cervical region of the cord and shows ascending degeneration in the posterior columns as well as in the spino-cerebellar and spino-thalamic tracts. The narrow zone of degeneration in the tract of Goll shows that the site of the lesion must be quite low down in the cord. This pathological condition would probably be associated with a rather rapid onset of paralysis of the lower limbs, with complete loss of all forms of sensation. 


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