Part of Body: spinal cord
Orientation of Section: transverse
Number of Sections: 1
Pathology: pachymeningitis
Stained with: marchi method

Sections of the spinal cord from a case of pachymeningitis stained by the Marchi method. The site of the lesion was in the upper thoracic region. The degenerating tracts are stained black by reduction of the osmic acid. The top section is from a level below the lesion, and shows degeneration of the descending tracts. The lower section is from the cervical part of the cord, i.e. above the site of the lesion, and shows degeneration of the ascending tracts.

These sections have darkened and essentially all pathways are black. Look for the blackest regions in each section. 

Please note: We currently only have a scan of one of the two sections on this slide.

Original Card