"Human embryos of the first month (series 1) by Friedrich Ziegler after Wilhelm His, 1885. The embryos were known, after the initial letters of their physician-donors' surnames, as SR (Sury-Bienz and Roth, Basel), Ll (Leuckart, Leipzig), BB (Bischoff, Basel), M (Miescher, Basel), Lr (Lomner, Leipzig), alpha (unnamed Leipzig midwife), R (initally unknown Russian) and A (Ahlfed, Leipzig). Models 1-5 magnify 40-fold, models 6-8, 20-fold." Hopwood, Nick. Embryos in wax. Models from the Ziegler studio. Cambridge and Bern: Whipple Museum of the History of Science, Univ. of Cambridge, and Institute of the History of Medicine, Univ. of Bern, 2002. 206pp.